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Garage Door Spring Replacement | Libertyville | Mundelein, IL

Garage Door Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: We installed Mrs. Bernadine’s garage door five years ago, and told her to keep track of her springs’ service life expectancy. She did as advised! She called us back to make a spring replacement appointment before her old pair could fail.
Our Solution: After the customer removed her car from the garage, we disconnected the door, raised it by hand, and clamped it in place. Next, we released the spring bolts in small degrees to let any remaining tension come out at a safe rate. When both springs were completely loose, we unhooked the extension cables. Both cables needed cleaning and oiling them before putting on the new springs.

Juliet Bernadine - Libertyville
Track Replacement | Sylvan Lake | Garage Door Repair Mundelein, IL

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: One of the customer’s tracks cracked and fell apart, losing its ability to support the door’s weight.
Our Solution: With the opener unplugged and disconnected, our team manually raised the door off the tracks and unscrewed the ruined railing. After drilling in the replacement and applying some lubrication to the rollers, they returned the door to its tracks and tested it out before calling the job finished.

Phillip Norfolk - Sylvan Lake
Opener Repair Project | Garage Door Repair Mundelein, IL

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Fried circuit board.
Our Solution: After checking the unit's connection to the power outlet and making sure that the remote control batteries haven't died, we removed the casing and inspected the internal components. We quickly discovered that the circuit board was damaged, and replaced it with a new one that matched the opener model, thus solving the problem.

Jack Vincent - Indian Creek
Cable Replacement | Garage Door Repair Mundelein, IL

Cable Replacement

Customer Issue: Damaged door cables.
Our Solution: Our team assessed this customer’s door upon arriving, and quickly identified damage to the door’s cables. We replaced the damaged cables with new, tougher ones and got the door working perfectly again in no time.

Amber Shelley - Mundelein
Roller Replacement | Garage Door Repair Mundelein, IL

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn door roller.
Our Solution: Upon inspecting this customer’s door we determined that the horizontal rollers were worn out and in need of replacement. We quickly installed new rollers in their place, and left the door working as good as new.

Daniel Aitkins - Ivanhoe
New Garage Door Installation | Garage Door Repair Mundelein, IL

New Garage Door Installation

Customer Issue: New garage door.
Our Solution: After suffering damage, this customer’s existing door had to be replaced. We recommended a Clopay Canyon Ridge model, and installed it for them - they were very satisfied with their new door.

Greg Arlington - Mundelein

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