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Whichever type of springs your garage door has, however new they may be, something could always go wrong. That's why regular maintenance and inspection are so crucial. When these components snap, they can potentially damage or hurt any object or person in their immediate vicinity.

Professional Assistance Is a Must

If you're keen on trying to replace your damaged springs on your own, we strongly urge you to reconsider. The incredible tension these components are under makes them extremely dangerous to handle without the proper tools and the professional training. Your safest option is to call our expert technicians. Never try to operate your garage door if you suspect one or more of its springs is damaged.

Timely Replacement is Key

Knowing exactly when your springs are going to break can be a real benefit. However, due to various unforeseeable factors, it's nearly impossible to determine that. Nearly, but not completely. With regular maintenance appointments from our professional technicians, you'll be effectively ensuring that your entire garage door system will stay in an optimal condition. In fact, you'll also be making sure that any worn-out spring will get replaced well before it reaches its breaking point. The safety of every member of your household is nothing to gamble on.

Routine Adjustment Ensures Longevity

The tension your garage door springs are under must be perfectly balanced. They must each share the load equally. Otherwise, one will end up overstraining, which will compromise the operation of the entire system. Our experts can carefully test and adjust the tension of your springs to ensure neither one gets overworked.

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You should call us at the first sign of trouble. Regardless of how simple or complex a problem may seem, our experts at Garage Door Repair Mundelein can solve it with speed and efficiency.

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