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  • Do I need a new torsion spring with a new garage door?

    If the new door is considerably heavier compared to the older one, it should definitely get a new spring. Similarly, if the hardware component is worn and/or in overall poor condition, it is best if it is replaced with a new one. After all, a dependable new spring will make the whole door system even safer.

  • How do high-lift cables work?

    They have cable drums with both a flat and raised portion. When the rollers are still at the vertical parts of the garage door tracks, the cables are wrapping around the raised section of the drum. As the rollers are transferred to the horizontal tracks, the garage door cables are transferred to the flat part of the drum.

  • Why should I choose overhead doors?

    Choose garage doors according to the needs of your property. If you have plenty of space in the ceiling, an overhead door will be an excellent solution because it will only occupy the space on the roof, will leave the entrance completely free and open and is practical. If you get sectional doors, you can change each section without having to replace the existing garage door completely.

  • Why is my garage door noisy?

    Loud noises usually come from the moving garage door parts of the mechanism, which are mechanical. Noise is produced by their friction due to lack of lubrication maintenance. Remember that the chain drive garage door opener is noisy, too. If it's too noisy, you might need to lubricate or adjust the chain. If the door makes a specific noise, check whether there is an obstacle in the tracks which obstructs the movement of the rollers.

  • Are all springs appropriate for any garage door?

    Be very careful when choosing garage door springs. Extension springs are used for lightweight doors but if the door is heavier, you will need torsion springs. Some extra-large or commercial garage doors might need the combination of both. Galvanized springs will last longer because they do not rust and when you replace the existing garage door, it's good to replace the springs accordingly, too. Remember that they come in different sizes.

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