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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

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Often Asked Questions About Garage Doors

Garage Door FAQ Page You’ll Want to Read

When you use and maintain your electric garage door, you may notice strange things about it or plan to get a new one. If that sounds familiar, you likely have lots of questions on your mind. Check out answers here!

Do I need a new torsion spring when I get a new garage door?

If your door is considerably heavier compared to the older one, you will definitely need to get a new spring that can safely support the additional load. Similarly, any other hardware component that's become worn and/or damaged in some other way, will need to be replaced.

How do high-lift cables work?

High lift cables have drums with both a flat and a raised portion. When the rollers are still moving along the door's vertical tracks, the cables will wrap around the raised section of the drum. As the rollers move onto the horizontal tracks, the cables will wrap around the flat part of the drum.

Why should I choose an overhead door?

You should choose a garage door that fits your specific needs. If you have plenty of ceiling space, otherwise known as headroom, and a lot of depth to your garage, i.e. backroom, then an overhead door can be an excellent choice. Keep in mind that the material it will be made of will determine how much horsepower output the opener will need to produce.

Why is my garage door noisy?

Loud noises usually come from the moving parts of your garage door, such as the springs, the hinges, and the rollers. When these components become worn, or aren't lubricated regularly, they can start producing noises. If you have a chain-drive opener, remember that is noisy by default, and its chain could use some lubrication and adjustment from time to time. You can also check the tracks to see if there are any residues of debris or any dents that are causing the issue.

Are all springs appropriate for any garage door?

Be very careful when choosing garage door springs. Extension springs are used for lightweight doors but if the door is heavier, you will more than likely need a torsion spring. Some extra-large garage doors might need a combination of both, but these are usually commercial models. Galvanized springs will last longer than other types, because they are rust resistant. Remeber to leave the replacement procedure to our experts. Springs are dangerous to handle without the right tools and the proper training.


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